What are the precautions of using 36V 250W electric bicycle motor
 2021/06/07 | View:1978

36V 250W electric bicycle motor is an important part of electric vehicles, it is the only driving force of electric bicycles, if the motor is not, it depends on how your body. So today we talk about the use of electric vehicles in the process of 36V 250W electric bicycle motor use, what are the precautions?Let's first explain the structure and working principle of the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor. There are hub, bearing, magnetic steel, coil and so on in the hub motor. When working, through the rotation of the motor rotor, the electric energy in the battery is converted into mechanical energy, so that the electric car can run.

Therefore, to make the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor work efficiently for a long time, the first step is to keep the motor components "healthy". What are the motor parts afraid of? Fear of water, fear of heat, fear of impact.



As a large metal part related to electricity, the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor is undoubtedly afraid of water, because water will cause the internal parts of the motor to rust and corrode, and then cause short circuit.

So, when is the easiest time for the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor to get water? The answer is: when you're riding in the water. Therefore, although the water is shallow, you should try not to ride in if you don't want to. In case of continuous rainy weather, the ground is full of puddles. It is recommended that the motor be dried after riding, so as to prolong its service life.

2.High temperature protection

As we all know, the current has a thermal effect. If the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor works for a long time, the internal temperature will inevitably rise. The key parts of the motor, the magnet and coil, are afraid of high temperature, because high temperature will lead to demagnetization of the magnet and decrease the insulation performance of the enameled wire, which is the so-called coil burning.

There are many reasons leading to 36V 250W electric bicycle motor overheating, among which the most common ones are excessive load, frequent start-up, water inflow (the importance of waterproof is emphasized here again), and high external environment temperature. The first three can be avoided artificially, but we can't control the external environment temperature, so it is recommended to avoid riding for a long time under high temperature. If the long-distance driving, try to rest in the middle, let the motor heat.

3.Tire flat

If the tire is flat, it will crush the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor. When riding at this time, there are not only potential safety hazards, but also the motor may be crushed, which is not worth the loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the tires before riding.