How to Choose 250W Electric Bike Kit
 2020/11/16 | View:1169

The structure of the 250W electric bike kit is similar to that of the ordinary bicycle, but it relies on the battery as the power when it is used, and it is similar to the motorcycle.

250W electric bike kit

1. There are three main driving methods of 250W electric bike: one is wheel drive, one is central drive, and the other is suspension drive. In the market, 250W electric bike kits are mainly driven by wheel hub, and wheel drive is better than rear wheel drive, and front wheel drive performance is relatively poor.

2. The location of the battery should be considered from the balance of the whole vehicle and the convenience of getting on and off the vehicle. It is better to place the battery in the inclined tube or riser of the frame. The battery configuration is basically an economical lead-acid battery. At present, most 250W electric bike kits use 36v12ah lead-acid batteries, while 24v12ah batteries have few choices due to their short running distance.

(1) Specification selection

250W electric bike kits are generally 610mm in size. At present, manufacturers have designed and manufactured 660mm or 560mm 250W electric bike kits to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.

(2) Brand choice

Brand is the symbol of quality. Different brands have different quality levels. Consumers must choose the brand which has been tested by authoritative departments and proved by practice to be reliable, low repair rate, good after-sales service and high reputation.