Six Advantages of 14 Inch Foldable E-bike
 2021/02/02 | View:1490

In order to facilitate daily travel, E-bike has become the most common means of transportation in people's lives, and there is a special kind of E-bike, that is 14 inch foldable e-bike. With its unique advantages, folding E-bike has gradually entered people's life from fun to easy to use, providing more convenience for people's travel For the convenience of choice. Compared with the traditional E-bike, what are the advantages of folding E-bike? Which users are suitable for folding E-bike? Let's summarize.

14 inch foldable e-bike

From the practical point of view, what are the advantages of 14 inch foldable e-bike?

At the beginning of the article, let's talk about the concept of E-bike. E-bike is a kind of personal transportation tool which uses the battery as auxiliary energy. On the basis of the ordinary bicycle, it is equipped with a motor, controller, battery, handle, brake handle, and other control parts and display instrument system. It has obvious differences with our common E-bike and electric motorcycle difference. The maximum speed of the electric bicycle is not more than 20km / h, and the weight of the whole vehicle is less than 40kg. Most importantly, the electric bicycle has a good pedal riding function, which is also the main symbol to distinguish the electric bicycle and the electric bicycle from the appearance.

14 inch foldable e-bike

Advantages of 14 inch foldable e-bike:

1. Foldable

From the name of "folding E-bike", we can easily understand its natural advantages in structure. Because of its natural property of folding, folding E-bike can be used in more scenarios. For example, when you need to transfer to other means of transportation during the journey, folding E-bike will be more convenient to carry; when you don't need to ride, it can be quickly stored It can also save more space; it can be easily put in the trunk of the car during self-driving travel, and can be used as a means of transportation when necessary, bringing more fun to our travel.

From the practical point of view, what are the advantages of folding electric bicycle?

2. Lighter

Another advantage of a 14 inch foldable e-bike is its light body. Compared with traditional E-bike, it will not bring a heavy burden to riders. Generally, the weight of a 14 inch foldable e-bike is less than 20kg, which is much lighter than an ordinary bike. Even for girls, it can be easily moved. Even for users living in high-rise buildings, 14 inch foldable e-bike can be used Easy to move home, and this is the most effective way to prevent E-bike theft, which is one of the main reasons why many office workers choose folding E-bike.

3. More energy saving

On the one hand, the folding E-bike is lighter and lighter, which will naturally lead to a longer driving range under the same battery capacity. On the other hand, the power pedal design of the folding E-bike enables users to ride normally when the battery is out of power so that users will not be trapped on the road because of no power. From this point, users are delighted In fact, and there is no need to worry too much about the range of the folding E-bike. For the traditional E-bike, the range has become the most critical factor to be considered, which has become a significant advantage of the folding E-bike.

4. More environmental protection

The battery of an E-bike has always been one of the most important parts, and the battery will not only affect the mileage of the E-bike but also affect the weight, endurance, price, and other aspects of an E-bike. Among the mainstream battery types, the lithium battery is the most suitable battery type for E-bike, which has small volume, lightweight, large capacity, and long service life Most of the 14 inch foldable e-bikes are designed with lithium batteries. In addition to ensuring better performance of 14 inch foldable e-bikes, lithium batteries are also environmentally friendly. Therefore, 14 inch foldable e-bikes are more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

5. Safer

According to the current national standards for electric bicycles, electric bicycles still belong to the category of nonmotor vehicles, and the maximum speed of electric bicycles can not be greater than 20km / h. This standard is also applicable to folding electric bicycles, so most of the folding electric bicycles on the market limit the speed within 20km / h. for electric bicycles, a certain speed limit is significant for safety Overall speaking, it is very important to ensure the safety of riders to a certain extent. Although the new national standard for electric bicycles will be issued sooner or later, it can be predicted that there will be certain restrictions on the speed, weight, and size of electric bicycles. Although these measures will bring some confusion to people, they will undoubtedly be of great help to safety.6. More versatile

Electric bicycle not only has the characteristics of environmental protection, convenience, and speed but also has a more comprehensive use. Like a bicycle, it can extend the range of the folding E-bike by assisting riding. The foldable design also better adapts to the needs of portable travel and meets the needs of various uses of users. The large-size wheels of the folding E-bike also enable the folding E-bike to adapt to more complex road conditions. On the basis of meeting the actual needs, the folding E-bike has more riding fun and more versatile uses, which is also one of the important reasons why many people choose the folding e-bike.