How to Choose a 12 Inch E-bike
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Buy a car is a technical work, do not know the car is easy to be pitted, in fact, 12 inch e-bike is no exception, many consumers in the purchase of 12 inch e-bike, simply do not know which aspect to pay attention to, only know to ask the battery how large capacity, 12 inch e-bike quality, etc., since you ask people boss certainly will not say it is poor, the results bought not long after the motor quality problems, then how to quickly distinguish Motor quality is good or bad? Understanding the following 4 points can help you solve this problem.

How to Choose a 12 Inch E-bike

The first point to see the shell. If the motor of a new 12 inch e-bike is relatively gray, it is likely that the 12 inch e-bike is a refurbished car, or the motor is reassembled, this motor is generally used soon, the problem you turn back to buy 12 inch e-bike vendors, they are unlikely to admit, so it is best to look before you buy.

The second point is to look at the trademark. When you buy an 12 inch e-bike, you should check the trademark on the top of the click or the trademark on the battery and other important accessories to see if they are marked with the 3C certification mark.

The third point is to listen to the sound. Test everyone hearing good or bad time to come, you can let the staff put the motor on, and then you use your hand to turn the motor, and then listen carefully to the sound made when the motor rotates, there is no noise and noise, if not noisy at all, and the speed of operation is very fast, then the quality of this motor is still good, if you listen to the sound is very mixed and the speed of operation is relatively slow, then the quality is not good. Then you can ask to ride the new electric bike, try the car power is not abundant, ride up whether flexible.

The fourth point is to feel it with your hands. After test driving the 12 inch e-bike, you can feel the temperature of the motor with your hands, if you feel very hot, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the motor is not good, the general quality of reliable motor, heat dissipation performance is relatively good, ride a long time will not be very hot.

How to Choose a 12 Inch E-bike

After a long time, the motor will also be different degrees of wear and tear, the battery will also overheat when charging, it is best to replace it regularly to avoid safety problems, when replacing it must choose the regular business, do not want to buy those cheap quality motor and battery without guarantee.