Basic Knowledge of 500W Fat Tyre E-bike Motor
 2021/02/08 | View:1184

The motor is the key part of the electric bicycle. Due to the limited energy of E-bike, as an all-weather means of transportation, the motor is required to withstand the harsh environment and have high reliability. Here are some basic knowledge of 500W fat tyre e-bike motor:

500W fat tyre e-bike motor

1. In structure, the motor is divided into brush motor and brushless motor;

2. Brush motor is a traditional product with stable performance. Should be the preferred motor for electric vehicles.

3. Brushless motor is a new product, its life performance is better than that of brushless motor. But the control circuit is complex, and the requirement of aging screening is strict. Although the motor life is long, but the control circuit is easy to go wrong.

4. 500W fat tyre e-bike motor output transmission mode can be divided into wheel type, center type, friction type;

5. The wheel type has simple structure and good appearance, but the motor shaft has large force and high requirements for the 500W fat tyre e-bike motor.

6. The middle structure is more complex, but the force on the motor shaft is small and the damage to the motor is small.

7. The structure of friction type is simple, but it has great damage to the outer tire of the wheel, and it slips in rainy days. (this kind of motor should be carefully selected for electric bicycles).

8. In terms of running speed, the 500W fat tyre e-bike motor can be divided into two types: low-speed direct drive type and high-speed motor deceleration type; the former has low noise, simple structure and high reliability due to the elimination of gearbox. But it's heavier than the latter. The wheel type should adopt low speed direct drive, while the center type is generally high speed motor deceleration type. Although there are many kinds of motor, but in terms of its mainstream.

9. At present, the electric bicycles that can be seen in the market can be divided into permanent magnet brushless motor, permanent magnet brushless toothless DC motor and permanent magnet brushless toothed DC motor according to the working principle of the motor.

10. In the actual production process, because the brush geared DC motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are very small and easy to wear, but the force is large and the climbing ability is strong. The brushless DC motor, in the process of using, saves two or three years to replace the carbon brush trouble. However, in the process of controlling brushless motor, high precision is required. Moreover, the price of brushless motor controller is also higher. In contrast, the brush toothless DC motor, although to replace the carbon brush, but replace the carbon brush is very easy, and the motor control is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, high safety factor.

500W fat tyre e-bike motor