How to Select a 14 Inch Foldable E-bike
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The following points should be paid attention to when selecting a 14 inch foldable e-bike:

1. All fastening screws and nuts of a 14 inch foldable e-bike shall be tightened and shall not be loose or fall off.

2. All rotating parts shall be flexible in operation, and shall not be stuck or stiff. For example, the front and rear wheels should be able to rotate flexibly, and should not swing left and right or jump up and down. When the wheel is about to stop, the wheel should be able to swing back and forth, and can not stop turning suddenly. The handlebar should rotate freely from left to right, and the pedal shaft and crank should be fixed tightly without loosening each other, and the rotation should be flexible.

3. The transmission vehicle should shift correctly in the range of transmission, and the shift position should be clear, and there should be no neutral in the middle.

4. The chain should be tight and flexible. Shake the crank chain wheel repeatedly in the forward and reverse direction by hand, and the chain can run flexibly without jumping and falling off.

5. Hold the front and rear parts of the saddle with both hands, and press down the front end of the saddle with one hand. The front end of the saddle shall not collapse. Then turn the saddle horizontally with both hands, and the saddle should not rotate.

6. Selection of brake and brake system: hold the handlebar with both hands, brake left and right respectively, and push and pull the 14 inch foldable e-bike back and forth at the same time. At this time, the wheel should not rotate; release the handle, the brake system should be able to reset quickly.

7. The surface of all parts shall be clean and free from stain and rust. The trademark Decal shall be complete and clear without sharp edges and burrs. For example, the edge of the mud board and chain cover shall not have the feeling of hand binding, and the end of steel rope such as brake shall be equipped with a protective sleeve.

8. Observe the brand or label of the parts. Generally speaking, good parts are marked with obvious trademark marks and the design is clear and exquisite, while inferior products are rarely marked or rough.

How to Select a 14 Inch Foldable E-bike

In addition to the above conditions, attention should also be paid to the following points when selecting 14 inch foldable e-bikes:

1. The switch action of each part is sensitive and reliable.

2. Stable and reliable speed regulation. Slowly rotate the speed control handle, the motor should start and accelerate smoothly. After releasing the handle, the handle can be quickly reset and the motor can decelerate evenly.

3. The brake is cut off quickly and reliably. Turn the speed control handle. After the motor is running and the brake is pinched, the motor can immediately cut off power. If there is a power display, the display will return to zero.

4. The battery is easy to disassemble and assemble. The weight of the lead-acid batteries is generally about 13.5kg. Since it needs to be disassembled and disassembled every day, the location of the battery must be suitable for your body.

How to Select a 14 Inch Foldable E-bike

How to use and maintain:

Pay attention to read the manual carefully to understand the functions of the 14 inch foldable e-bike, especially the precautions. First of all, pay attention to cleaning, especially in winter saltwater to clean. Otherwise, it is straightforward to cause metal corrosion, paint film aging off. Both handlebars and seats can be adjusted. One is to ride comfortably and the other is to pay attention to the maximum height adjustment. The handlebar riser and saddle pipe shall be engraved with safety lines, and the distance from the lower end of the saddle pipe is generally 2.5 times the pipe diameter, which is the maximum adjustment height. The safety line shall not be exposed during adjustment.

After a period of time, the whole car should be checked and adjusted. Tightening and lubrication are essential. Check that the fasteners should not be loose and the transmission parts should be flexible. Pay attention to wipe the floating oil after the chain is lubricated, and a little oil on the flywheel is enough. Tire inflation should be appropriate, otherwise, it will affect riding comfort and service life.

The brake is the basic guarantee of safety, and it should be checked at any time. If there is any problem, it should be adjusted or repaired immediately.