10 Tendency of 14 Inch Foldable E-bike
 2021/01/28 | View:1018

Trend 1: price war of 14 inch foldable e-bike

The price war will sweep the whole industry in 2020, but it will not stop in 2021. The main reason is that most brands have set the sales target of doubling. To achieve this goal, special cars must account for a large proportion. In addition, there are 600 or 700 brands in the industry, and the price war has become a necessary means of shuffling.

Trend 2: mileage

Head brands have made breakthroughs in mileage technology and endorsed it by Guinness World Records, which has triggered the industry to follow suit. In the second half of 2020, at least a dozen brands will focus on the mileage, and such behavior will be further expanded in 2021.

Trend 3: lithium electrification

After the new national standard, the weight and range of 14 inch foldable e-bike become the bottleneck of restricting consumption, which also brings considerable development opportunities for lithium batteries. Many first-line and second-line brands have increased the listing efficiency of lithium trams, and the technological upgrading of lithium battery manufacturers has also promoted the process of lead to lithium.

14 inch foldable e-bike

Trend 4: three rise

After the new national standard, the leisure tricycle has risen rapidly. It can carry both people and goods, and it doesn't even need to be licensed in the fourth and fifth tier areas. This kind of consumer group used to be users of 14 inch foldable e-bike and low-speed electric vehicles. In 2021, xiusan will further expand its market share in the tide of 14 inch foldable e-biker replacement.

Trend 5: low speed four wheels are in a difficult situation

The low-speed four-wheel vehicle, which is called by many media and officials as a substitute vehicle for the elderly, has no national standard at present, and the local management is at two extremes, either ignore it or ban it with a knife and punish it on the road. Recently, the people's daily once again attacked the four rounds of chaos. In 2021, enterprises will have to suffer for another year.

Trend 6: terminal store closing trend

Many big brands have put forward the terminal strategy of "opening more stores and big stores", but the second and third-tier brands are facing the squeeze of the head brands, and the sales volume is almost cut. The huge terminal cost makes many businesses whose sales volume is declining close their stores, while many local governments have limited the license plate of 14 inch foldable e-bike, and businesses can only close their stores for the winter!

Trend 7: flat channels

Driven by the sales target, channel distribution has become a common development trend. Second-line brands will start from the general agent, and municipal agents will gradually disappear; first-line brands will appear the phenomenon of "one city with many generations" or "one street with many stores". How to improve the efficiency of plant management, ensure profits and increase sales?

14 inch foldable e-bike

Trend 8: motorcycle enterprises make a comeback

In recent years, Haojue, Honda, and other well-known traditional motorcycle enterprises in the field of electric vehicles can only be regarded as a little taste. In 2021, many old brand motorcycle enterprises will make a comeback. For example, Guangyang, Chunfeng, Qianjiang, Jincheng, and other representative brands have released new electric motorcycle products, which will focus on high-speed products in the future.

Trend 9: cross border competition

If the cross-border competition of bidewen, Luneng, and other brands in brand marketing is an innovation, then the cross-border competition in 2021 will have a huge impact on the industry. For example, the invasion of Internet giants, the production of electric vehicles by Bosch electric, and the launch of private brand electric vehicles by Haruki shared travel are worthy of consideration!

Trend 10: product upgrading

Yadi has invested 1 billion yuan, tailing has invested 300-400 million yuan, Lvyuan has led the industry into the era of liquid cooling, Xinri intelligent lithium battery has made full efforts, and so on. These head brands have begun to make efforts at the technical level, and promote product upgrading through technology. In 2021, even if the price war prevails, the products will enter the highest level in the history of the industry.