How to judge the quality of the 1000W fat tyre bicycle motor?
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The 1000W fat tyre bike motor is like the "Heartof the electric bicycle. With the same set of 12AH36V lead-acid batteries, the motor with good quality and high efficiency can run 10-16 kilometers more. Therefore, when purchasing the electric bicycle, we must pay attention to the selection of high-quality accessories, so how do you tell the difference between an 1000W fat tyre bike motor?

How to judge the quality of the 1000W fat tire bicycle motor?

How to judge the quality of the 1000W fat tire bicycle motor?

Because the motor is sealed, if fundamentally judge its good or bad, need to rely on certain external tools, such as the swastika table. In addition to the use of professional tools, users can also judge from the appearance of materials and general performance.

The above methods can be simply summed up as look, listen, touches, detections.

1. Look: look at the shell

Outer plating work to do a good motor general appearance is more bright, refurbishing machine was gray and relatively dim. 1000W fat tyre bike motor trademark can be seen again, generally larger manufacturers value brand development will be marked, which is a reflection of brand quality. And finally, the motor whether there is 3C certification, in line with the industry norms of the motor will be more secure.

2. Listen: listening Power

In the test run, the consumer can load when the start-up power is full, the power is not full is likely to cut corners on the motor coil.

3. Touch: Touch temperature

After the 1000W fat tyre bike motor stops, consumers can feel the temperature of the motor by hand. The lower the temperature, the better the heat dissipation and performance of the motor.

4. Checks: check the resistance

Test the quality of AC three-phase motor

Shake Table Shake, 500 v Shake table, shake three terminals on the insulation resistance of the motor shell, 0. Five Megs or more means there's no earth-to-earth short.

How to judge the quality of the 1000W fat tire bicycle motor?

Test the quality of AC single-phase motor

1. Use 500 V Megohm Meter to measure the insulation resistance of motor windings and casing, not less than 0. 5 megohm multimeter is used to measure each lead of winding, no broken wire, both meet the requirements, motor performance is good.

2. The pointer multimeter for testing capacitors is more convenient (there is also a digital meter with a capacitance file, which can be measured directly).

Set The multimeter to 1K or 10K resistance, measure the 2 leads of the capacitor, the needle quickly to the right and then slowly back to the left capacitor, that the capacitor is better; If the pointer does not move, the capacitor will break or have no capacity. The multimeter is used to measure the voltage between the commutators. If the voltage between the two commutators has the same law, the winding is normal.

The above is to judge the 1000W fat tyre bike motor some commonly used methods, and ordinary consumers, the fourth will be more complex, the first three are more practical.