2 Major Factors Affecting Electric Bicycle Battery Life: Motor and Charger
 2021/03/24 | View:1293

The importance of the battery to your electric bike cannot be overstated. Your electric bicycle can easily take you everywhere every day, all thanks to the battery. So what are the factors that affect the life of the battery?

In electric bicycle system, there are two main factors that affect the battery life: one is the efficiency state of the motor, and the second is the design of the charger.

2 Major Factors Affecting Electric Bicycle Battery Life: Motor and Charger

The efficiency state of the electric bike motor

If your electric bike motor has a narrow efficiency range, on the one hand, the power consumption level increases, on the other hand, often working in the low efficiency zone, the motor is easy to heat up inside, when the temperature is too high, the magnetic material will have irreversible demagnetization. Over time, the motor efficiency of the e-bike will drop further, thus entering a vicious cycle. Soon your e-bike will become an "electric tiger" in a sense, even if you replace the battery, it will not help.

Other factors that lead to lower motor efficiency include excessive brush wear, wear of the commutator, wear of the reduction system, and so on.

Therefore, when selecting an electric bicycle, you should not just pay attention to the price and appearance, in fact, it is more important to choose a better performance of the motor; and should also pay attention to keep in touch with the maintenance manufacturers, due to replace the worn parts, so as to protect the battery of your car.

2 Major Factors Affecting Electric Bicycle Battery Life: Motor and Charger

Charger design

Regarding the charger, it is more important for the battery. A good charger can effectively avoid water loss and sulfation. On the contrary, if a technically superior charger is used, the battery will be charged badly and quickly.

User precautions.

1. Give pedal power when starting an electric bicycle and give pedal power when going uphill. This is most important to maintain the battery performance.

2. When replacing a new battery, ask a professional to diagnose the wear and tear of the motor, and if necessary, replace the brushes or other wear parts and replace the lubricant in a timely manner.

3. Do not store at a loss of power, that is, the battery is used up and placed for many days without giving a charge.

4. Pay attention to whether the brakes are normal during daily use, so as not to consume too much power.

5. go to electric car or battery repair store for maintenance when you feel that the battery capacity is obviously reduced.