Development Trend of 1000w Fat Tyre Bike Motor Technology
 2021/01/13 | View:1029

Development trend of 1000W fat tyre bike motor technology

In order to gain an advantage in the increasingly competitive market, electric bicycle enterprises are trying their best to improve the 1000W fat tyre bike motor technology to meet the needs of more consumers. The future development trend of 1000W fat tyre bike motor technology is mainly reflected in three points.

1.Focus on the important role of batteries

The battery is not only the foundation of the electric bicycle but also the important premise of motor technology. Only by ensuring the load and service life of the battery, can we ensure the normal operation of the motor. Coupled with urban expansion, people's travel distance increases, the original battery load has been unable to meet people's travel needs. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the performance of the battery to improve its load and service life. At this stage, when designing the 1000W fat tyre bike motor, we have noticed the important role of the battery, and are actively improving it.

Development Trend of 1000w Fat Tyre Bike Motor Technology

2.Improve core components

The quality of e-bikes on the market is uneven, especially the motor, and consumers lack understanding of it. They pay little attention to the motor when they buy it. Once there is a fault, they need complex repair. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the core parts of the motor from the aspects of structure, design, and even manufacturing to improve its basic performance. With the development of science and technology, the manufacturing of core parts is the most intelligent, and the manufacturing accuracy is high, which is conducive to improving the qualified rate. In the future, this aspect will be more optimized.

Development Trend of 1000w Fat Tyre Bike Motor Technology

3.Improve work efficiency

With the continuous progress of technology, the motor control system gradually realizes vector control, nonlinear control, etc., at the same time, it also integrates the topology structure, improves the working efficiency of the motor, has a higher degree of specialization, meets the people's demand for fast speed-up of the electric bicycle, and improves the comprehensive performance of the electric bicycle, which will be gradually improved in the future.