Ten fault treatment method of 36V 250W electric bicycle motor
 2021/04/26 | View:1114

36V 250W electric bicycle in the process of daily use more or less will produce some faults, and how to solve the problem? Don't worry, these ten faults and solutions will help you!

1.The 36V 250W electric bicycle motor doesn't work

Check whether the battery power is sufficient, if not, charge the battery.

Check whether the speed control handle is damaged, and replace it if it is damaged.

Check whether the potential of brake handle is normal, whether the brake return is good, and replace the brake power-off switch if it is broken.

Check whether the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor Hall is damaged, and replace the motor Hall if it is damaged.

Check whether the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor phase line is short circuited, and separate the phase line if it is short circuited.

Check whether the MOS tube of the controller is broken down. If it is broken down, replace the controller.


2.Abnormal 36V 250W electric bicycle motor rotation

After turning the handle, the motor stops and the battery floats, resulting in insufficient power and charging the battery.When the no-load motor rotates, the current is large, the noise is large, and the phase sequence or phase angle does not match.

When the load is too large or when climbing the slope, it will move forward, but it will stop after a few seconds. This is the normal locked rotor protection. Remove the load or stop climbing the slope.

When the riding current is large and the noise is high, the controller (MOS drive) or motor is damaged (turn to turn short circuit), the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor or controller should be replaced.

3.Normal pushing is obstructed

If the MOS tube is damaged, replace the controller or MOS tube.

The controller or motor phase line is short circuited, and the short circuited phase line is stripped and insulated.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor turn to turn short circuit, replace the motor.

4.Zero start motor does not turn, push and turn

It is necessary to replace the controller or repair the MOS drive circuit due to a phase loss in the MOS drive.

If the phase line is in poor contact, check the wiring between motor and controller to make it in good contact.

5.Weak start

If the power is not enough, charge the battery.

If the output voltage is low due to handle fault, replace it with a new handle.

The controller adopts soft start, which is a set program and cannot be changed.

6.The 36V 250W electric bicycle motor is noisy, shaking or bumpy when riding

Now the controller basically uses sine wave output, noise, riding jitter or have a sense of frustration, mainly because the controller and motor have problems in sine wave matching, the best way is to replace the matching motor or controller.

7.Open the switch lock, the whole vehicle is not electrified

When the air switch is closed, turn on the air switch.

If the battery connection line is not well connected, check whether the battery is connected according to the requirements.

If the electric door lock is burnt out, check the electric door lock and replace it.

If the main fuse is broken, replace the fuse.

8.Charger does not jump green light, charging all the time

If the charging voltage of the charger is too high, replace or repair the charger.

If the battery pack or single battery fails, replace or repair the battery.

9.Once the charger is plugged in, the green light goes on, but the whole car is short of power

The charger voltage is low, which makes the battery charging seriously insufficient and needs to be replaced or repaired.

The battery enters into the decline period, and can not meet the long-term discharge, so the battery can be replaced or repaired.

10.Short range

Check whether the battery is fully charged. If the battery is not fully charged, it should be fully charged in time.

Check whether there is leakage in the whole vehicle, and ground the horn, converter and main line. If there is leakage, it is necessary to replace the corresponding components and sort out the main circuit.

Check whether the motor and controller match. If the riding noise is loud and the motor is hot, it is necessary to replace the matching motor and controller in time.