4 Tips to Buy 14 Inch Foldable E-bike
 2021/01/21 | View:968

Commuting is a pain for many modern people. Although there are more and more subway and bus lines, they can't withstand the surge of people. In order to make themselves relaxed, many friends prefer to take a long journey rather than crowd with others. In short distance transportation, besides bicycles, there are also faster electric bicycles available. However, many friends have the impression that electric bicycles are similar to motorcycles, and they are especially large, and many places restrict their use on the road. However, electric bicycles have evolved a lot now. They are not only small, but also folding, and can be easily used on the road. They are really good commuters Today, let's take a look at what we should pay attention to when we buy 14 inch foldable e-bike.

14 inch foldable e-bike

1. Pay attention to the four major items 

14 inch foldable e-bike is also a car, so you should pay attention to the key components just like choosing a car. If there are three parts in a car, then there are four parts in a 14 inch foldable e-bike: motor, controller, battery, and charger. The quality of these four items directly affects your riding experience and safety.

When you buy an electric bicycle, you need to know in detail whether the electric bicycle motor is a brush motor, a brushless motor, a high-speed motor, or a low-speed motor. Only when you buy the right motor can you play its role in a suitable travel environment.

As for the controller, most of the electric bicycles on the market are equipped with brushless motor, the current commutation of the brushless motor is the most direct test for the controller, and the quality of the controller directly affects the reliability of the motor control.

In terms of batteries, when you buy a 14 inch foldable e-bike, you need to see whether the battery is lead-acid or lithium-ion, and you need to understand the capacity carefully. Different batteries have different endurance, life, and price. The charger equipped with the battery depends on whether it has a cooling fan. The temperature with the cooling fan will not be too high when charging.

2. Choose the right brake of 14 inch foldable e-bike

Since it's a car, in addition to performance, safety is the highest consideration. After all, people are gone. What's the use of having a car. In addition to enough materials for the car, the more important thing is that the brake should be better. If the car can be braked well, it can reduce most of the accidents.

The brake is mainly divided into two types: disc brake and drum brake. The brake effect of the disc brake is the best, but it is easy to lock, and the price is relatively expensive. The braking effect of the drum brake is general, but it will not lock up, and the price is cheap.

Whether the brake is reliable or not is related to the life and property safety of riders. When buying, you should make a reasonable choice according to the traffic conditions of your city.

4 Tips to purchase 14 inch foldable e-bike

3. The test drive should not be less

Although we all like online shopping now, we still have to go to the physical store to try and open it if possible, such as whether the brake is reliable, the comfort of the cushion, whether the pedal space is suitable for us, whether the sound of the motor is stable, whether the electric display screen is normal and so on.

4. After-sales warranty of electric bicycle

After-sales quality assurance of electric bicycle has always been the theme of emphasis. Because after the purchase of the 14 inch foldable e-bike, the failure, the manufacturer can give good after-sales maintenance is very important.

The most convenient way is to choose a reliable big brand, high reputation, good after-sales service of electric bicycle. Whether the purchased 14 inch foldable e-bike brand has national unified after-sales service and whether the online and offline service system is guaranteed.