The reason and solution of 36V electric bicycle motor overheating
 2021/05/05 | View:1656

Electric bicycle in the process of driving, will produce heat, but the temperature is more than 40 degrees, or even more than 60 degrees, motor enameled wire insulation may melt off, causing short circuit, dangerous.

If your 36V electric bicycle motor heats up frequently, and it's hot even when you ride for a short distance, and it's beyond the normal temperature range, it needs to be repaired. There are three main reasons for the heat up: motor internal fault, controller fault and brake system fault.

36V electric bicycle motor internal fault

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1. Bearing

Bearing bearing bearing rolling speed, once the ball gap increases, it will cause the 36V electric bicycle motor internal sweep, stator friction rotor, heat, friction increase, temperature rise.Solution: replace high quality bearing.

2. Stator deformation

In order to reduce the cost, the stator of some 36V electric bicycle motor manufacturers has poor rigidity and is easy to deform. When it rotates, it will deviate from the normal track, with uneven stress and high temperature.

Solution: replace the stator with good rigidity.

3. Coil

Pure copper wire winding, not only save electricity, not heat, and power is strong, but the market of motor copper-clad aluminum, aluminum clad copper, will cause the motor temperature rise. The motor heating is also related to the thickness of the motor turn wire. The inner material of the coil is not the same, which leads to the difference of motor power and heating degree. The thinner the wire, the greater the heat.

Solution: replace pure copper stator.

4. Caused by magnet

The magnetic assembly of magnetic steel makes it more efficient, powerful, safe and stable. But some magnetic steel is not up to standard, weak in magnetism and easy to lose magnetism. When driving at high temperature, demagnetization is fast. The longer the time is, the higher the temperature is, the faster the demagnetization is, the less power the car has.

Solution: replace the high-quality magnetic steel sheet or replace the motor.

5. Water inside the 36V electric bicycle motor

Not every motor is well sealed, the arrival of water will affect the full play of motor efficiency, resulting in motor power reduction and temperature rise.

Solution: clean up the internal "ponding" and seal well.

Brake system problems

6. The brake line does not return

Due to long-term use of the brake line at both ends of the water rust, or the bottom of the brake line will scratch the skin will make the brake does not return, so that the motor temperature rise.

7. The brake pads are worn out

Some customers' brakes are not working well. They are tight again and again, even if they are tight to the end. As a result, the friction between the brake and the motor increases and the temperature of the motor increases.

8. The brake spring is broken

When the spring of the brake is broken, it is difficult to make the brake pad spring in place by the external spring. When the spring is broken, the brake pad "closes" and does not rebound, which makes the brake force have rolling resistance and makes the motor temperature rise.

Controller problems

The controller controls the current. If there is a fault inside the controller, it will also cause the motor to heat up.

In addition, the mismatch between the controller and the 36V electric bicycle motor will also cause heating. The small controller of the motor will cause damage to the motor, and the power of the small motor is insufficient. It is suggested that the controller should be used as large as the motor.

The above is only a small part of the 36V electric bicycle motor heating fault. If the car owner encounters some of the above conditions, he can try to repair it. If it is successful, it is no better. But here is a warm reminder of the small lead, the specific analysis of the specific situation, the above method can only be used as a reference, once the situation can not be solved, please send the electric car to a professional repair shop for maintenance, safety is the most important.