How to Maintain the 14 Inch Foldable E-bike?
 2020/12/08 | View:1092

The popularity rate of 14 inch foldable e-bike in life is higher and higher, but many people do not pay attention to the maintenance when using it. Not paying attention to maintenance will cause great damage to the bike, a 14 inch foldable e-bike will be scrapped soon, which is very uneconomical. So, how to maintain the 14 inch foldable e-bike?

How to Maintain the 14 Inch Foldable E-bike?

1. Make full use of maintenance conditions

Many electric vehicles have maintenance services, especially in the three guarantee period. Therefore, the bike mainly makes full use of these maintenance conditions to carry out comprehensive maintenance and inspection on the bike. Just like the 14 inch foldable e-bike with a knife, the bike owner can go to the bike store to do free debugging and maintenance for the bike within one month from the date of the product sale. The bike needs regular maintenance after a long time to avoid some unnecessary losses. Otherwise, the bigger the problem of the bike, the more money it will cost, and it will shorten the service life of the bike.

2. Don't overload

Whether carrying people or pulling goods, electric vehicles should try to avoid overloading in the process of use. Overload may cause overload and heating of motor and circuit, affect the service life, and even damage motor immediately. Moreover, overloading can easily lead to traffic accidents, which is a great threat to personal safety.

3. Avoid long time high current discharge

The internal structure of the battery will be greatly damaged by long-time high current discharge. It is suggested that the starting time of bike owners should not exceed 5 seconds each time. If two consecutive starts are required, the interval between them should be 10-15 seconds. When driving, the speed should not be too fast. Driving at a constant speed can reduce the occurrence of continuous starting.

4. Avoid exposure to the sun

Especially when the temperature is too high in summer, exposure to the sun will increase the temperature of the battery, which will increase the activity of the active substances of the battery, thus affecting the service life of the battery. Moreover, long-term exposure to the sun is easy to cause the fading of the paint on electric vehicles. So when parking, park the bike in a shady place as much as possible. If the bike is not in use, don't put it in the yard at will.

5. Do not overcharge

When the charger shows full, stop charging in time. The practice of charging overnight is very harmful to the battery. Overcharge will make the active material of the battery plate harden and fall off, and produce water loss, which will lead to battery deformation. In particular, the problem of overcharge is more common when electric vehicles operate in summer. Therefore, the temperature of the battery should be reduced as much as possible in summer to ensure good heat dissipation when charging. The service life of 14 inch foldable e-bike is generally 3-5 years, but if it is used properly and maintained regularly, the service life of 14 inch foldable e-bike will be greatly increased. Therefore, the majority of bike owners should understand the maintenance methods of some electric vehicles. In this way, the bike can serve itself better.