What Cause 36v 250w Electric Bicycle Motor Overheating?
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It is normal that the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor can not convert all-electric energy into kinetic energy, but some of it into heat energy (the electric current is heated by the resistance, the resistance is heated), due to the high current discharge, according to the conservation of energy, but if the temperature is more than 50 degrees, or even more than 70 degrees, it is dangerous. The insulation of the enameled wire of the motor may melt away, causing a short circuit and the motor to burn.

So, what cause 36V 250W electric bicycle motor overheating? There are three main reasons, they are motor internal fault, brake system fault, and controller fault.


Internal motor failure

1. Bearing failure. The 36V 250W electric bicycle motor is not sealed as well as we thought, there will be water intrusion when meeting the waterway, good in and out is difficult, over time it will corrode and rust, resulting in bearing "Steel ball"increased friction, resulting in the clanking, abnormal sound, back wheel hair pendulum, it causes the motor to run laboriously, the rotor and the stator of the motor to "Tease" each other, to sweep the hall, to make the motor load heavier, to increase the driving force, to increase the current, to heat up, to turn over, to continue riding, the motor shaft is damaged, the motor end cover is worn to the outside circle, it is also possible to make the ball "Derailed" there is the risk of interrupting the coil, leading to scrap.

2. Coil failure. Pure copper wire winding resistance, not only save electricity can not afford heat, and strong power, but the market appears motor copper-clad aluminum, aluminum-clad copper, will cause the motor temperature rise. 36V 250W electric bicycle motor heating and the motor turn wire thickness is also related, coil internal material is different, power, electricity consumption, heat will also be different, the thinner the line, the more heat.

3. Stator failure. Generally, the stator of the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor is made of silicon steel sheet and three-phase windings, and the bracket is iron core. If water enters and rusts, it is easy to cause the stator to deform and sweep the hall. It is hard to rotate at a distance and dexterous at a distance, some of the stator and rotor due to the water situation there is a third "Rust", rust so that the stator and rotor friction "Fight", the motor inside the "Rebellion", the stator deflection rotor is in the "Duty", its hard to build a good motor to run.

What Causes 36v 250w Electric Bicycle Motor Overheating?

Brake system failure

1. The brakes dont return. Can cause the brake line at both ends of the water rust or the bottom of the brake line to scratch the skin, brake problems, in the driving motor temperature rise.

2. Wear out the brake pads. Some users have worn out the brake pads, but in order to save, just choose to tighten the brake pads, this will cause the brake and motor friction to increase motor temperature rise.

What Causes 36v 250w Electric Bicycle Motor Overheating? 

Controller failure

The controller is the headquarters of the electric vehicle, which controls the speed of the motor and is the core part of the electric system of the electric vehicle. The controller drives the motor to rotate, to adjust the speed of the effect. The controller has certain over-current protection, fever is normal, but overheating is not normal. There are two main causes of overheating, one is the controller and motor mismatch lead to overheating, the other is the controller parts are broken, electric vehicles running abnormal motor temperature is too high.

What Causes 36v 250w Electric Bicycle Motor Overheating?

Electric bikes to bring convenience, usually also want to take good care of the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor, failure to solve in time, so as to avoid small problems big failure.