Difference between 350W and 250W electric bicycle motor
 2021/10/15 | View:3470

An electric bicycle consists of four parts: the motor, the battery, the Charger, and the controller. They are seen as the main core components of electric vehicles. Among them, the motor as the source of power output can be battery electrical energy into mechanical energy. An electric motor is equivalent to the engine of a car. Today, I will compare the difference between a 350W electric bicycle motor and a 250W electric bicycle motor.

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Difference between 350W and 250W electric bicycle motor:/n1. Power Difference: One Is 250W and the other is 350W, the higher the power, the more power it takes./n2. Different uses: 250W for small electric cars, 350W for slightly larger electric cars./n3. Hill climbing is different: a 250W motor is difficult to climb, and a 350W motor is relatively easy to climb./n4, the electrical form of the motor is divided, can be divided into brush motor and brushless motor two categories; according to the mechanical structure of the motor assembly, generally divided into “Tooth”(motor speed is high, need through the gear reduction) and “No tooth”(motor torque output without any reduction) two categories. In general, a 250W electric bicycle motor is perfectly adequate for daily use.

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