What Should I Do if the 36V 250W Electric Bicycle Motor is Broken?
 2021/01/25 | View:1058

If the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor breaks down, it should be sent to the electric vehicle maintenance point for repair or replacement. If it can be replaced free of charge during the warranty period, the common faults of the motor are usually checked from its three components. First, the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor body should be checked, then the position sensor, and finally the drive control circuit.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor

The possible problems of electric vehicle controllers in the motor body are poor contact of motor winding, a broken wire, or a short circuit. It will cause the motor not to rotate, the motor can start in some positions but not in some positions, the motor operation is unbalanced, and the main magnetic pole of the motor demagnetizes, which will make the motor torque obviously small, but the no-load speed is high and the current is large

In the position sensor, the common problems are the damage of the Hall element, poor contact, and position change, which will make the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor output torque smaller. In serious cases, the motor will not move or vibrate back and forth at a certain point. In the drive control circuit, the power transistor is prone to failure, that is, the power transistor is damaged due to long-term overload, overvoltage, or short circuit.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor

At present, 36V 250W electric bicycle motor all uses a brushless motor, which is fast in power saving and convenient in maintenance. The ordinary brush motor has been basically eliminated, and now only a few manufacturers are still using brush and tooth motors.

The 36V 250W electric bicycle motor with gear is very energy-saving, and riding is also very labor-saving, but the gear is easy to break down. Due to the replacement of the motor, it is difficult to match the gear of the motor with gear for more than three years.