What is Ebike Spoke Wheel Hub Motor
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When users choose electric bicycles, there are two most important factors, one is battery capacity, the other is motor performance. The larger the battery capacity, the better. After all, the heavier the battery will also have a certain impact on the endurance. But a good motor has a great relationship with endurance and speed. In addition, from the perspective of the collocation of accessories, many users only think that if the battery power is high, the speed of electric vehicles will be faster. In fact, this idea is wrong, whether it is a battery, motor (even including controller) need to match reasonably, in order to make the electric vehicle to achieve maximum efficiency. Once the battery power is too high, it may burn out the motor, leading to its performance degradation, even unable to use normally.

Some users like to refit electric bicycles without permission. In recent years, thanks to the improvement of motor technology and the decrease in battery cost, the power of electric bicycles has been greatly improved. Although the improvement of battery and motor power can greatly promote speed. But in the long run, it will also speed up the loss of motor accessories, which is one of the main reasons why many users find that the motor is not durable. If you want to refit the motor, you need to match the motor with the battery and controller in a reasonable range. You can't pursue power alone, otherwise, it will damage the life of other accessories.

When users choose and buy, what kind of motor is suitable for their own road condition? Here introduce the ebike spoke wheel hub motor for option.

ebike spoke wheel hub motor

Ebike spoke wheel hub motor

Ebike spoke wheel hub motor is the power, transmission, and braking devices are integrated into the hub. This technology was first used in cars. As early as 1900, Porsche had already made electric cars with wheel motors on the front wheels. With the development of electric vehicles, hub motor technology is not what it used to be.


The advantage of the ebike spoke wheel hub motor lies in its mature design and relatively low price, occupying most of the market for electric bicycles. However, because the motor is integrated on the wheel, it will break the front and rear weight balance of the whole vehicle, and at the same time, it will be greatly affected by the bumpy impact in mountain off-road; for the full shock absorption vehicle, the rear hub motor will also increase the unsprung mass, so the rear shock absorption needs to cope with the greater inertial impact.

ebike spoke wheel hub motor

There are three installation methods for ebike spoke wheel hub motor

1. Rear wheel: This is also the most common installation method. Compared with the installation on the front wheel, the rear triangle is more stable and reliable in structural strength, and the transmission and routing of torque step frequency signal will be more convenient.

2. Front wheel: in order to take into account the internal variable speed flower drum and the overall shape of the vehicle, some small and exquisite city cars generally choose the front wheel hub scheme.

3. Front and rear wheels: in order to pursue more powerful power, some electric vehicles are equipped with motors for the front and rear wheels, and the rated power is even as high as 1000W. It should be noted that China's new national standard stipulates that the rated power of electric vehicles and electric power-assisted bicycles shall not be higher than 400W, that of the European Union shall not be higher than 250W, and that of some parts of the United States shall not be higher than 750W.


In addition to the power, size is not the same, the complexity of its control is not the same. When the electric vehicle is turned off or the battery is out of power, the clutch device (usually planetary gear) designed inside the geared hub motor plays a similar leverage role in the motor, which can reduce the speed and enlarge the output torque, so that the resistance of the vehicle when sliding or human trampling is smaller than that of the gearless hub motor under the same condition.


To put it simply, when the power system is shut down, the vehicle is in the state of sliding or human trampling, the resistance of the geared hub motor is smaller than that of the toothless motor. Because a clutch device is usually designed inside the geared wheel hub motor, the trampling force will directly act on the rear wheel through the clutch device decomposition, and will not drive the electromagnetic structure inside the motor to rotate, so it will not bring too much additional resistance.


There is also a gearless hub motor (also known as direct drive motor), its internal structure is more traditional, there is no planetary gear reducer, directly rely on electromagnetic conversion to generate mechanical energy to drive electric vehicles. The toothless wheel motor is a direct drive type, which generally has no clutch device inside, so it needs to overcome the electromagnetic resistance when the power is off. The advantage of this structure is that it can convert kinetic energy into electric energy and store it in the battery when pedaling or driving, but the electromagnetic conversion efficiency is not very ideal.