36V electric bicycle motor replacement skills
 2021/04/14 | View:904

36V electric bicycle motor general warranty for three years, the actual service life depending on the motor is different, generally 5-10 years.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor refers to the driving motor used in electric vehicles. According to the different use environment and frequency, the form is also different. Different types of motors have different characteristics. At present, permanent magnet DC motor is widely used in electric vehicles. The electric bicycle mainly uses hub motor, and the electric tricycle mainly uses center motor.

Attention should be paid to the following points in 36V electric bicycle motor maintenance:


1.Pay attention to the riding belt without brake. The heating of the riding motor with brake causes the demagnetization of the magnetic steel, which makes the car weak and shortens the driving range. 

2.36V electric bicycle motornoise repair in time, check the bearing, so as to avoid the rolling out of steel particles in the bearing to cut the coil, resulting in motor scrap.

3.Try not to ride where there is water. The motor is not as closed as we think. The water is easy to get in and it is difficult to get out. If you can't get out for a long time, the magnetic steel will rust and the bearing will be damaged easily, which will cause electricity consumption, motor heating and reduce mileage. (the differential motor of electric tricycle needs to change the gear oil once half a year)

The reason why brushless DC motor is widely used in electric vehicles is that it has the following two advantages compared with the traditional brushless DC motor.

Long life, maintenance free, high reliability. In the brush DC motor, because of the high speed of the motor, the brush and commutator wear faster, generally work about 1000 hours to replace the brush.

In addition, the technical difficulty of the reduction gear box is great, especially the lubrication problem of the transmission gear, which is a big problem in the current brush scheme. So the brush motor has the problems of high noise, low efficiency, easy to produce faults and so on. Therefore, the advantage of Brushless DC 36V electric bicycle motor is obvious.

1.Detect the motor Hall. Use the 20V gear of the multimeter, insert the red pen into the positive pole of the hall, and the black pen into the yellow, green and blue of the hall. Open the power lock and turn the motor wheel gently by hand. If the voltage changes, it means that the corresponding hall is normal. Generally, the conversion voltage is 0-5V. On the contrary, if the voltage does not change, the corresponding hall is broken, so replace it.

2. Remove the motor. Spray the screw to be disassembled with rust remover, which is convenient and effortless. Do not throw the screw casually, so as not to find it during installation.

3. Most of the motor screws are hexagonal wires. It is better to use a "sharp awl" to clean up the foreign matters in the screw, so as to avoid the trouble caused by the six edged screw slipping by the six edged wrench.

4. Don't use brute force when hitting the motor. The motor end cover is made of aluminum, which is easy to be broken. Tips: pry the sealing ring of motor end cover on both sides with "sharp awl", spray rust remover inside, and remove it after more than ten minutes. When disassembling, because the magnetic steel is of strong magnetism, it is necessary to avoid the strong magnetism being absorbed by something with iron, which will damage the magnetic steel sheet.

5. Find the hall that was damaged. Tap with a sharp awl. Check the positive and negative direction of the hall. Please install the new hall as it is. When welding the hall, the soldering iron should not stay on the hall for more than three seconds to prevent the "heat" from breaking down the hall. Then dip the new hall with 101 glue to prevent it from falling off during installation. Cause abnormal operation.

6. Check the end cover bearings on both sides of the motor. If there is "clanging" and "stuck" phenomenon, please replace the bearing together. When installing the motor bearing, please add lubricating oil properly, because there is little in it, adding some is more durable.

7. When installing the end cover of the motor, use a leather hammer to moderately knock the circumference of the end cover to make the bearing return to its original position slowly. Screw the motor end cover screws diagonally. Otherwise, it will be difficult to install the motor end cover due to one side offset, which will easily damage the screw and destroy the cover.

8. Fix the 36V electric bicycle motor wire on the frame with wire harness to prevent the tire or shock absorber from breaking the wire and causing damage.