Why is the 36V 250W Electric Bicycle Motor Maintenance Rate Higher Now
 2021/02/04 | View:1164

In recent years, the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor maintenance rate is much higher than before, is it a quality problem, or other reasons?

explosive force makes the loss of 36V 250W electric bicycle

1.The pursuit of explosive force makes the loss of 36V 250W electric bicycle motor more and more

As we all know, in the past, users' pursuit of electric vehicles still remained in the function of walking. And now, the pursuit of electric vehicles is often explosive, whether it is battery or motor, its power has been greatly improved, the speed is up, but the loss of electric vehicle battery, motor, and other accessories is also increasing, which is one of the main reasons why the motor is less and less durable.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor

2.For the sake of profit, use the renovated 36V 250W electric bicycle motor

In order to make profits, some miscellaneous electric vehicles will use refurbished motors, which are often not wrapped with all copper enameled wire, but with copper-clad aluminum enameled wire or all-aluminum enameled wire. This will lead to serious demagnetization of electromagnetic steel, which will directly lead to greater power loss, heating, and power consumption, and ultimately greatly reduce the endurance of electric vehicles.

36V 250W electric bicycle motor

3.The parts purchased do not match the 36V 250W electric bicycle motor

For convenience, users like to buy some accessories by themselves, which can't meet the standard in terms of quality or matching. Taking the controller as an example, if the controller does not match the motor, it will cause the motor to heat. When the motor power is less than the controller, it will cause fatal damage to the motor, and when the motor power is greater than the controller, there will be a lack of power.

In fact, whether it's a 36V 250W electric bicycle motor, battery, or controller, we must match each other in the process of daily use, so as to coordinate the operation between them to the greatest extent and extend the endurance of electric vehicles to the greatest extent.