How to maintain the 250W electric bicycle motor in winter
 2021/05/10 | View:1246

As one of the four core components of electric bicycle, 250W electric bicycle motoris the power source of the whole vehicle, and its importance is obvious. Especially in winter, if the 250W electric bicycle motor causes the car to break down, it will be a big problem. Bostar summarizes how to maintain the 250W electric bicycle motor in winter.

Step1- identify whether the 250W electric bicycle motor sound is normal

Generally, electric vehicles will produce a certain degree of noise during riding, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if there is obvious "role, role" sound and abnormal vibration during operation, the power supply shall be turned off and overhauled in time.

Step2- feel if the electric vehicle starts smoothly

When the electric bicycle moves backward, it is felt that the wheel is backward and heavy. This is due to the situation caused by the electric vehicle automatically strengthening the motor brake when turning on the power supply for reversing, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if the electric vehicle feels a great resistance when driving forward, it is necessary to immediately disconnect the power supply (which can eliminate the positive resistance) and send it to the after-sales shop for maintenance.

In addition, the electric hub should not be subject to severe impact, and the electric vehicle should not be forced to start in the blocked state. When the electric vehicle cannot start due to the obstruction, do not start repeatedly, and start the motor after eliminating the reason of the electric vehicle.

Step3- avoid water accumulation

When driving electric vehicles in rainy days, avoid the road surface with deep water as far as possible, because the water can easily penetrate into the motor, causing short circuit of interface, which leads to the motor operation and serious damage to the motor winding resistance.


Step4- avoid overloading

The overload of electric vehicle not only easily causes the wheel hub deformation, but also the 250W electric bicycle motor and circuit overload work, which will easily lead to the motor heating, and the motor will be damaged immediately in case of serious damage; In addition, the motor may burn down if the tire pressure is insufficient or it is running on a long steep slope.

Step5- do not disassemble the motor without permission

The 250W electric bicycle motor circuit and electrical connection are designed and processed by professional personnel when leaving the factory. Consumers should not disassemble or modify them at will, otherwise, they will be prone to failure and accidents (including: short circuit, fire, traffic accident and other serious consequences).

Secondly, if the motor is found to be hot (more than 90 ℃), smoke, smell, abnormal noise or other abnormality, it shall be stopped immediately and sent to the after-sales store for treatment. Do not disassemble the motor by itself.

Step6- regular inspection and lubricating oil addition

Check whether the nuts of 250W electric bicycle motor and rear flat fork are tight regularly. If the nuts are loose, they should be tightened with tools in time; Secondly, for 250W electric bicycle motors equipped with chains, the chain should be added with lubricating oil regularly to reduce the wear of chain and motor and prolong the service life.