Internal Structure of Front Drive Geared Electric Bicycle Motor
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Many people are not very clear about the internal structure of the front drive geared electric bicycle motor. Next, let's go into the internal structure of the front drive geared electric bicycle motor to see what's going on inside these parts.

First of all, start with the magnet that riders are most concerned about. There are many kinds of magnetic steel, including ferrite, alnico, NdFeB. As a rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB can release a strong magnetic energy product in a limited volume, which makes it possible to miniaturize DC motor. Therefore, except for the earliest ferrite, front drive geared electric bicycle motor is basically the world of NdFeB, and the magnetic steel here is no longer labeled separately. Magnetic steel is a commodity, since it is a commodity, there are 369, so how to distinguish good from bad? The first is the grade. The grade of magnetic steel has eh, uh, SH, h, m, n standards from high to low, and the corresponding temperature resistance coefficient is 200180150120100,80., The higher the temperature resistance coefficient is, the better. After all, the motor will generate heat, and demagnetization will affect the motor life; Generally, there is a number in front of the magnetic steel brand, which is mainly composed of 35, 38 and 40. These digital signs have strong professional terms. As long as you know the basic rule that the larger the number, the stronger the magnetism. Now the motors on the market are generally made of 38m material magnetic steel with 100 ℃ temperature resistance, and few of them can use the standard h material magnetic steel. I can only smile when I say that I am made of SH material. No one can sinter such a blank for you. How can there be a finished product?

Determine the material and then look at the height. Because the working principle of the front drive geared electric bicycle motor is simply electromagnetic conversion, then you need enough speed or load, you must have enough power, and you will need enough volume of magnetic steel. In general, the motor factory only marks the height, but there is no mark for the thickness and width, and the demagnetization of magnetic steel is closely related to the thickness (for example, the demagnetization of 3 mm thick magnetic steel will not exceed 3% in 2 hours under the 100 degree standard, the demagnetization of 2.5 mm thick magnetic steel will be 5-8% under the same environment, and the demagnetization of 2 thicknesses will exceed 10%, The market has begun to have this kind of black core motor), we need to be more careful.


Having said that, let's talk about the iron core. The earliest motors were made of single silicon steel sheets stacked by themselves in the front drive geared electric bicycle motor factory, so now some people still call them silicon steel sheets. The two are the same. The iron core material is generally cold-rolled plate (hot-rolled plate before 06), and the grade is 800600470400350300 from high to low. What do these brands mean? Take the cold rolling 470 as an example, which means that the iron loss is 4.7w/kg. The specific explanation may be more complicated. As long as you know that the iron loss is not good for the motor, the lower the iron loss is, the better. Of course, the lower the grade is, the more expensive the steel is. Moreover, the effect produced by each steel plant is not the same. Taking domestic steel as an example, WISCO is the best under the same grade, Baosteel and TISCO followed closely. Of course, the best steel is imported from Germany or Japan, but it will not appear in the electric vehicle motor industry.

Then we look at the enameled wire. Generally, there are only two brands of enameled wire 130-2 or 180-1 used in front drive geared electric bicycle motors. How can we understand this data? 130 and 180 refer to the working temperature resistance of enameled wire, so 180 is better- 1 and - 2 refer to thin film and thick film respectively, that is, surface thickness. There is no citation. If 180-1 is used, the effect will be better than 130-2.

Finally, we want to analyze the two front drive geared electric bicycle motor manufacturers need to scratch the head of accessories: bearings and hall, let's start with a simpler bearing. Bearing is widely used in machinery industry, so what kind of bearing is the most suitable? First of all, the power of the motor is closely related to the size of the bearing. The experienced car repair master will see it clearly after taking off the motor cover. What you need to know is that the electric motor (about 1500W) needs at least 6004 (outer diameter 42mm) standard to guarantee the service life of about three years, and the power increase also needs larger bearings to carry the torque of the motor. If it's self-made, it's much simpler. A 6203 (outer diameter 40) is OK. When we finish talking about the size of the grade, the general manufacturers do not talk about it, because the bearing price is determined according to z1-z4. If you use the 6203 of Z4 group, the price will exceed the 6005 (outer diameter 47) of Z1 group! This is the trick. When you buy a car, you can also pay attention to this problem. As for the final brand, I dare not say much. Three quarters of the production capacity of this kind of small bearings in China is concentrated in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. You have already made money using the Z3 group of bearings here. As for boasting about havalo or people, it's not impossible at all. It's best to see for real, because the price of these bearings is 3-8 times that of ordinary bearings, so the possibility is very low.

Hall is similar to the door of your home. It's just a door for the communication between the front drive geared electric bicycle motor and the controller. Either open or close the door (this is the basic principle of electronic commutation). As long as the motor is designed reasonably and the controller is matched properly, hall is not so easy to break down or burn down. So why do many riders' cars burn down repeatedly? The first is the matching of controllers. Now the power of the motor is getting bigger and bigger, and the controller is also rising with the tide. Everyone has the possibility of burning down. When the intelligent controller finds that the high-temperature oil of the components may burn down, it will automatically cut off the external signal, whether it is the battery or the motor. At this time, it will no longer continue to connect. I am tired and will not wait. The problem is that the motor is not intelligent at this time. If it does not stop, the motor that does not stop will naturally turn into a generator and continue to operate until it stops. If hall is in the right place when it stops, I'm sorry, you deserve it. This is also one of the biggest reasons for the burning of Hall components. As for many motor factories repeatedly encounter "no-load motor no problem, start no problem, run dozens of minutes later do not run, after more than ten minutes will run", please do not think that is hall problem, their own mechanical parts to find the reason.