How many kinds of electric bicycle motors are common at present? ​
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There are four kinds of electric bicycle motors, they are Brush with gear wheel motor, brush without gear wheel motor, brush without gear wheel motor, brush without gear wheel motor, brush with gear wheel wheel motor, etc.

Brief introduction of electric motor

Of these four types of motors, the most common are the first three. And these four types of motor, in fact, the best is the brush with teeth motor, followed by brush with teeth motor, the third is the brush without teeth motor, the fourth, that is, the worst brush without teeth motor.


Motor classification according to speed

Motor according to speed, there are generally two: high-speed motor, speed in 3000 rpm or more; low-speed motor, speed in 300 rpm or less. High-speed motor power, torque, when used for Power Drive, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low-speed motor is the opposite.

However, the high-speed motor used for electric vehicles, if the speed of 3000 rpm operation, that is unimaginable, speed can catch up with the car, if load-bearing operation, due to insufficient force, the rotor can not turn, easy to burn the motor. So use the reduction gear to slow down.

The motor with gears are high-speed motor, although the speed down, but the conversion of tension (driving force) significantly enhanced, the load, climbing are very strong.

And low-speed motor, because the speed is low, so there is no need to gear reduction.

The motor is classified according to the brush

Electric self-propelled side motor according to the brush is divided into brush motor and brushless motor. The difference itself is not very big, but there are brush motor to replace brush just in time, because it is fragile parts. The brushless current is less than the brush current, and the energy consumption is lower.

Therefore, the current mainstream market is brushless motor electric bicycle.


The combination of brushless and high-speed low-speed, there are four types of motor.

The brushless tooth motor is the best, but the current technology is not very mature, so the market-oriented brushless motor, usually brushless low-speed motor (brushless tooth).