What is the difference between an electric motorcycle and 12 inch e-bike?
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Our usual means of transportation besides bicycles, there are 12 inch e-bikes and motorcycles, these light vehicles bring a lot of benefits to people, but this is only the general perception, in fact, there are also kinds of 12 inch e-bikes and motorcycles, and they also have obvious differences. So what is the difference between an electric motorcycle and 12 inch e-bike? Are electric motorcycles and motorcycles the same thing?

What is the difference between an electric motorcycle and 12 inch e-bike?

What is the difference between an electric motorcycle and 12 inch e-bike?

One, the frame, this is the main and one of the most important parts of all vehicles. With the use of different thickness of steel pipe to do the frame, the cost is certainly different; because of the different thickness of the frame steel pipe, the stability of the car body can be a world of difference - the exercise of 12 inch e-bike head grip will have a shaky phenomenon, one-handed grip more obvious strong. Electric motorcycle head grip is stable, and the bold can even play "double off-hand". So look at the frame becomes one of the biggest identification methods to determine whether your car is electric from or electric motor.

Second, the braking system, that is, the brake. Electric brakes are generally holding brakes or drum brakes, there are also up brakes, oil brakes, and electric motorcycle configuration of the main braking system is always hydraulic disc brakes. Speed up, there must be a good braking system.

Third, the shock (shock absorber). Thousands of dollars to buy a car, of course, to sit comfortably. Electric is mainly springing shock absorption, because of the use of different wheel hubs, so the tires are also different. Electric is generally a conventional structure of ordinary internal and external tires, and the thickness is generally below 3.0 (here that the factory original, after the modification is not in the comparison). Electric motorcycle tires using vacuum tires, the minimum configuration of coarse and fine also 3.5.

Fourth, the motor. This is one of the important parts of all electric vehicles. 12 inch e-bike motor power due to national electric vehicle standard regulations require less than 500W, such as more than 500W marked, but no above 4 electric motor features and the whole car price is less than 4,000 yuan, the basic confirmation is a false label, in order to increase the selling point of the gimmick. The lowest motor power of the electric motor is 500W, and the upper grades are 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W, such as between what 600W, 700W, 900W, and so on are electric vehicles false label type.

What is the difference between an electric motorcycle and 12 inch e-bike?

Is an electric motorcycle the same as a motorcycle?

We have actually analyzed a lot of electric motorcycles because there is another kind of car called motorcycle, so many people naturally think that these two are one kind of car, but in fact, they are not, they are completely different.

So why are electric motorcycles and motorcycles not the same kind of vehicle? Of course, there are reasons.

First of all, the electric motorcycle is actually a kind of motorcycle, a branch of the motorcycle, because the electric motorcycle is also a new series, so it can be said that it is a new member of the motorcycle family, but the electric motorcycles make a part of the improvement, to achieve a motorcycle-like effect and were named, also known as an electric moped, but it does not belong to the motorcycle.

Secondly, the two are very different in many details, such as the configuration, structure, and materials used in the two, because the electric motorcycle itself is a kind of motorcycle, so naturally many attributes of the motorcycle are better than the electric motorcycle, especially the power and speed of the motorcycle is significantly stronger than the electric motorcycle, carrying a longer range than the electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, and stronger climbing ability. The motorcycle has a longer range and greater climbing ability than electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.