How to Ride 12 Inch E-bike Safely
 2021/03/11 | View:1026

At present, there are more and more people riding 12 inch e-bike, and there are many safety hazards of 12 inch e-bikes. So, what are the problems to pay attention to when riding safely?

How to Ride 12 Inch E-bike Safely

Safety hazards of 12 inch e-bikes

1. Fast vehicle speed

At present, the speed of most 12 inch e-bikes on the market exceeds the national standard of more than 20 km/h, resulting in a greatly reduced safety factor for 12 inch e-bikes. And if a traffic accident occurs, electric bikes exceeding 20 km/h will be handled according to motorcycles.

2. Poor braking performance

It is quite common for 12 inch e-bikes to have poor overall safety performance and poor braking. A very prominent situation in 12 inch e-bike traffic accidents is that the driver is unable to brake or dodge to cause an accident.

3. Complexity of the user group

The elderly and children have safety risks due to their physical condition and cognitive ability. Many people do not know that the state explicitly prohibits minors from driving 12 inch e-bikes.

How to Ride 12 Inch E-bike Safely

Six Safety Driving Points

1. Always wear a safety helmet when driving an 12 inch e-bike on the road to effectively protect your life, and remember to check whether the brakes are sensitive.

2. Do not drive an 12 inch e-bike into the motorway, take the non-motorway according to the regulations, and keep a safe speed.

3. Do not remove the rearview mirror of the 12 inch e-bike, so that the driver will not be able to see the rear situation.

4. Do not ride 12 inch e-bikes on rainy days, the road is slippery and prone to accidents.

5. Don't change lanes at will, don't compete with motor vehicles, and remember to hit the turn signal in advance.

6. When driving an 12 inch e-bike on the road to look around more, do not look down at the phone.