The greater the motor power, the faster the speed, is this really the case
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Many friends in the purchase of electric bicycles, speed is one of the main reference standards, so the size of the front drive geared electric bicycle motor power has become the most concerned about the consumer, in their view, the greater the motor power, the faster the speed, is this really the case? The same type of battery, equipped with 800W front drive geared electric bicycle motor must be slower than the 1000W motor speed?

First of all, we need to understand, what factors are related to the speed of electric bicycles? In addition to the motor, it is also closely related to the weight of the body, the capacity and voltage of the battery, the controller, and the size of the tires, which together constitute the electric bicycle drive system. The speed of the electric bicycle is related to the efficiency of the whole system. In the whole driving system, the controller plays the core role instead of the motor. The controller is the brain of the electric bicycle, controlling the size of the current of each part of the electric bicycle, the higher the current, the faster the speed!

The easiest way to lift the speed limit of electric bicycle is to unplug the speed limit on the controller, 800W front drive geared electric bicycle motor, the fastest electric bicycle can only run 25km/h, after lifting the speed limit, the speed can run to more than 60km/h, more than 1 times faster than the original.

Some people say, 1000W motor lifting speed limit, can't it run faster, this statement is half correct, if the same 60V20Ah battery, 800W controller, we can calculate, 800W controller through the maximum current is how much? According to the formula P = UI, 800W controller motor maximum through the current is 13.3A, regardless of whether you are 1000W motor or 800W motor, drive the maximum current is only 13.3A, the motor output kinetic energy is the same, unless you match a 1000W controller to achieve maximum efficiency.

But one thing is for sure, 1000W is more power hungry than 800W electric bicycle, and the range is shorter with the same type of battery.

front drive geared electric bicycle motor

When buying a bicycle, once you say you want to buy a fast battery bicycle, many merchants will fool you and recommend high-powered motors (mostly above 1000W) to you because high-powered electric bicycles are more expensive and more profitable. The merchant will not tell you that with 800W motor electric bicycle is enough, in fact, as long as the controller to lift the speed limit can be.

Finally, to warmly remind you, the new regulations of electric bicycle bicycle: after April 15, 2019, the new factory electric bicycle, speed limit within 25km / h, front drive geared electric bicycle motor within 400W, and all factory electric bicycle is with anti-tampering design, that is, later want to adjust the controller, improve the speed of electric bicycles has been basically impossible.