The Battery of 14 Inch Foldable E-bike
 2020/12/07 | View:1184

14 inch foldable e-bike generally have nothing to worry about. When using the battery, you need to care about the charge and discharge.

14 inch foldable e-bike

1. Do a good job of charging

No matter lead-acid battery or lithium battery, there will be no memory effect, so charge a little bit, use a little, often charge, keep the battery in a shallow cycle state, which is conducive to delay the number of cycles and prolong the life. The charging time is generally controlled at 8-10 hours. The high temperature should be avoided when charging. For example, you should wait for the battery temperature to drop when you just come back from your bike. You should not charge it in the sun but put it in the cool garage as far as possible. If the battery temperature is more than 60 degrees, do not continue charging.

2. Avoid frequent deep discharge

Generally, the battery should keep the power above 30%. If the car is not used for a long time, it should be charged separately every month to supplement the power. When riding, avoid carrying too much load, try to push it up a steep slope, and do not accelerate suddenly. All these actions will cause a large current discharge and have a great impact on battery life.

3. Take good care of the charger

The charger is usually carried along with the car. It is bumpy and vibrant in the outdoors. Some components may lose. If there is any solder joint, it will be easy to cause problems. If you can wrap them in foam or cloth or fix them in the trunk, you can reduce these problems.

The plug of the charger is easy to have problems because it is easy to lose and oxidize due to poor contact due to frequent plugging and plugging. If there is a problem with a large gap, it needs to be replaced in time. Do not use brute force when plugging and plugging, and operate vertically in alignment with the hole position.

4. Appearance maintenance is very important

Take the battery as an example, if there are some dirty things stuck near the battery, it is easy to cause the battery discharge current is too large and consume power, which also has an adverse impact on the battery life.

14 inch foldable e-bike is not suitable to be put at home because of the explosion risk of batteries. However, the frame and other parts are basically metal and plastic materials. They are not used at ordinary times, and should not be placed in outdoor places that cause sun and rain. These will cause external corrosion, which will rot quickly over time. Some bird droppings, leaves, and other impurities should be cleaned up in time to avoid galvanic effect and accelerate rust.

5. Safety inspection

Tires, brakes, and transmission systems are related to safety, so you should pay attention to whether they are abnormal. It's better to use the car money every day to check whether the front and rear brakes are effective. Generally, the brakes need to be replaced when they are used more than 1 point. Wipe and grease the chain, bearing, and flywheel every three months to prevent them from rusting to death.

If the tire is seriously worn and the tread pattern is almost flat, replace it in time, and pay attention to whether the tire pressure is within a reasonable range.