3 Current States of 250W Electric Bicycle Motor
 2021/01/12 | View:1147

1. 250W electric bicycle motor control system tends to be intelligent and digital

With the rapid progress of science and technology, the 250W electric bicycle motor control system can not follow the traditional form, but gradually to the intelligent and digital direction. From the point of view of intelligence, the electric bicycle motor has gradually realized the nonlinear intelligent control technology such as neural network, adaptive control, genetic algorithm, which not only makes the system tend to be simple, moreover, the reaction speed of the motor is greatly improved, and the performance of the electric bicycle is further improved. From the digital point of view, the motor control system of the electric bicycle has gradually realized digital control by using software, which greatly reduces the cost of an electric bicycle, the use of DSP motor control chip improves the performance of the system to a great extent.

3 Trends of 250W Electric Bicycle Motor in the Future

2. Specialization of 250W electric bicycle motor technology

From the 250W electric bicycle motor design, motor technology has gradually realized specialization, mainly reflected in three aspects. First of all, the motor design of electric bicycles is not only to study the parts of the motor but to strengthen the integration of mathematics, physics, and other disciplines, through the model simulation of motor performance, to achieve the best results. Secondly, the current design of each part of the motor has a dedicated person, and then through the integration of the team to make motor technology more professional. Finally, because of the living environment, people tend to buy electric bicycles with small size and lightweight, which requires the electric motor to meet this demand, motor design in the effort to make it have high performance and at the same time have smart structure, current electric bicycle in this area has been a great improvement.

3 Trends of 250W Electric Bicycle Motor in the Future

3. 250W electric bicycle motor come in a variety of forms

With the development of the times, various industries are developing in the direction of diversification. So is the motor technology of electric bicycles. Because of people’s different needs, different forms of electric bicycle motors have emerged gradually, simple DC drive systems are being phased out or are changing on this basis, with the main motor technology gradually becoming AC drive, permanent-magnet DC motor, high-speed permanent-magnet brushless motor, and brushless DC motor have become the main forms at present. At the same time, 250W electric bicycle motor form will not only stay in the current several forms, will continue to diversify the direction of development.