Why ebike hub motor kit is widely used in ebike rather than car
 2021/05/26 | View:1731

Ebike hub motor kit means that the motor assembly with the reducer is directly assembled in the hub.

Looking at the definition of ebike hub motor kit, you may feel a little strange or mysterious. In fact, hub motor is not a new technology, it has been more than 100 years since its birth, and it is also widely used. It's not just for cars, but for the electric bikes that we all use most.Pay attention to the rear wheel of the electric bicycle in the figure, which is driven by an integrated sealed ebike hub motor kit. Nowadays, most of the electric bicycles in the market are driven by this kind of rear wheel hub motor. Why is hub motor used in electric bicycle so widely, but rarely in automobile. The reason is that the electric bicycle is two wheels, and the car is four wheels.

ebike hub motor kit

Because the electric bicycle adopts the layout of one front, one and two wheels, there is no speed difference between two wheels, like cars. And the suspension of electric bicycle is placed outside the hub, just like the shock absorption hydraulic spring on the upper rear wheel, there is no space limit. Therefore, the electric bicycle can seal the whole package of the ebike hub motor kit. This can have a good dust-proof and waterproof effect, improve the service life of the hub motor. The application of ebike hub motor kit greatly reduces the body structure of electric bicycle, which is light and small, reduces self weight and increases the mileage. These advantages make the electric bicycle appear explosive growth and has a huge market.

But cars don't have the advantages of electric bikes. The car is arranged side by side in the first two and two rear wheels. This structure has no effect when it is straight, but when turning, the two wheels with symmetrical left and right will have different speeds. In order to solve the speed difference, a set of differential equipment will be added, which will increase the volume and gravity of the hub motor, and reduce the small advantages of the hub motor.

At the same time, the suspension system should be placed in the wheel hub, and the space left is not very abundant. If the hub motor is to be placed again, only the weight of suspension will be increased, which is almost catastrophic for vehicle handling. It is necessary to know that many cars use aluminum alloy casting parts to make suspension parts instead of steel, in order to reduce the weight of the suspension system by a few kilograms, so as to improve the suspension response speed. But if the hub motor is to be added, the wheel hub motor can not achieve the ideal weight with the current technology, which has to face a difficult problem to face.

Moreover, because of the existence of automobile suspension system, there is a steering system in the front wheel, so that the automobile hub can not be sealed as an integral type as the ebike hub motor kit. The dust proof and waterproof effect of the motor should be greatly reduced, which affects the life of the motor.

At the same time, because the car is much faster than the electric bicycle, it needs a higher power motor to drive. In the relatively small space in the hub, the heat dissipation of the motor is also a big problem. Poor heat dissipation will also seriously affect the service life of ebike hub motor kit.Based on the above reasons, the application of ebike hub motor kit in automobile field is not much. Limited use field is also in electric bus, because the bus size is huge, the arrangement of hub motor is relatively much more leisurely. But with the attention of the state to new energy vehicles and the development of hub motor technology, it is believed that in the future, hub motor will be widely used in small passenger cars.