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Wheelchair Motor Power Assist System
wheelchair motor power assist

Wheelchair Motor Power Assist System

Product Detail
Baisc specification
net weight
5.65 Kg
battery type
battery capacity
controller voltage
motor voltage
motor operating voltage
charger input voltage
charger output current
operating temperature
under voltage
8 inch brushless universal wheel motor
Material: aluminum alloy
Voltage: 24V lithium battery
Power: 250W
Operating current: less than 3A
Mileage: 20kmControl system: the use of intelligent self-help force system.
Backward self-locking motor function.
Speed: I: 2.5-5km/h; II:2.5-8km/h
Installation: suitable for ordinary wheelchairs, easy to assemble and disassemble.
BS-B1 intelligent wheelchair motor kit
1. The Maximum carrying capacity is 100kg.
2. Set into the wheelchair and turn on the switch and turn the auxiliary wheels by
hands. When the hub turns a half circle, BS-B1 starts working.
3.Two speed adjustment:2.5—4.0Km/h ; 2.5—7.0Km/h
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Installation Instructions
Installation steps
1. Fix the connector bar
a.Unfold the wheelchair, fix the connector bar to the wheelchair poles
b.Tighten the quickdraws:tighten the screws of the quickdraws;tighten the quickdraws
c.Tighten the screw of the connector bar
2.Fix the hinge Fix the Hinge to the middle of the connector bar, and the shaft of the hinge should be above the connector bar.Tighten the quickdraw1of the hinge.
3.Assemble and disassemble the drive linkage
a. Assemble the drive linkage:Fix the drive linkage to the hinge and tighten the
b. Disassemble the drive linkage:Release the quickdraw2 and take away the drive linkage.

Usage introduction

1.When you go down a hill and your speed is faster than the max speed, BS-B1 will enter hibernation. When your speed is between the speed range, the system will be resumed from hibernation and will work again.

2.Ideally, when BS-B1 works, you don’t need to turn the auxiliary wheels any more, and the wheelchair will run in a straight-line. But in practice you should adjust the direction all the time according to traffic conditions and pavement conditions.

3. BS-B1 don’t have the climbing ability. In order to climb hills, you should turn the auxiliary wheels by hand.

4. When the wheelchair stops for more than 2 seconds, BS-B1 will enter hibernation. When the hub turns a half circle, the system will be resumed from hibernation and will work again. Only turning off the switch can stop BS-B1 from working indeed.

5. When the wheelchair runs backward, BS-B1 will bring an astern resistance.

6. When the light is green, BS-B1 can function properly. When the light is red, you should charge up BS-B1.

7. The battery has been charged up before leaving the factory. When you charge the battery, please at first insert the output of the charger to the charging hole, and then plug the input in with alternating current. Red light means it’s on charge; green light means the charging is complete.


♥ When you want to use BS-B1, please set into the wheelchair before turning on the switch. When you want to stop BS-B1, please stop the wheelchair and turn off the switch before leaving the wheelchair.

♥ No leaning back hard, in case of roll-over.

♥ If you do not use BS-B1 for a long time, please charge it every three months.

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